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Dentists who focus their practice and their professional studies in cosmetics are used to analyzing the major and minor details pertaining to facial esthetics. Successful cosmetic dentists analyze faces every day in their practice, and therefore have trained their eyes, brains, and hands to deliver customized esthetic solutions for their patients. These dentists take hundreds of hours of post-graduate training learning to be the very best in their field at delivering gorgeous smiles and improving facial beauty.

Two other factors make dentists uniquely qualified as Botox providers.

  1. In dental school, they spend their first year studying human anatomy with the medical students. Then dental students take another entire year of focused head-and-neck anatomy. They learn the muscles of facial expression like the backs of their hands. These muscles of facial expression are the muscles that create facial wrinkles, and they are the target for Botox injections and the borders for dermal fillers. Dentists are, by basic training, extremely knowledgeable in this area of anatomy.
  2. Unlike most other medical professionals, dentists deliver injections every day. And, some dentists learn delicate techniques that give them the ability to deliver injections painlessly. Chances are if the painless dental injector becomes certified in Botox/dermal fillers, he/she will carry that technique to all areas of practice.

If your dentist is a perfectionist who has a serious focus on cosmetic dentistry, has a knack for shots that don’t hurt, and has invested in becoming a certified Botox/dermal filler provider, then he/she is probably better at it than most providers.