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Catching Dental Problems Early

Our dental team uses digital dental X-rays for a variety of reasons. The main reason we offer digital X-rays is to detect dental problems early on so we can treat them before they become greater, more complicated issues. In Atlanta, GA, we offer digital dental X-rays to all of our patients so that you can have all of your dental concerns addressed in one place. Dental X-rays are a type of diagnostic testing that our professionals use to determine the health and status of your mouth. We typically suggest them in addition to oral exams because it allows us to see internal things that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Intown Smile Studio is a great place to get your digital dental X-rays completed so that we can better treat and support your overall oral health.


Why Are Digital Dental X-Rays Important for Adults?

Digital dental X-rays are very important for adults because they allow us to see areas of decay that are not visible during an oral exam. With our digital X-ray services, our dentists are able to:

  • Identify decay beneath fillings
  • See bone loss associated with gum disease
  • Note changes in the bone or root canal areas
  • Prepare for tooth implants, braces, dentures, and dental procedures
  • Pinpoint any present abscesses
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Pain-Free X-Ray Sensors

When we investigate or purchase new products, we always consider (1) how it will positively impact the patient treatment outcomes and (2) will it improve their experience. Those two questions were important factors in our decision to invest in the digital X-ray equipment we purchased for Intown Smile Studio. We’re really excited to share with our patients that they no longer have to dread the painful discomfort and gagging that comes with the traditional bitewing X-rays.

Our ultra-low-dose x-ray equipment allows us to do more with less invasiveness! We can quickly and comfortably take your x-rays without the sensor and we get sharper images. Our technology offers the lowest radiation dose on the market. It truly is a safe, pain-free, and hassle-free way to take your X-rays.

The Benefits of Getting Digital Dental X-Rays

Digital dental X-rays are a powerful tool that our dental team utilizes to identify and treat a wide range of different tooth and gum conditions. We use the latest diagnostic technology in order to ensure the safety of all of our patients. The digital dental X-rays we offer are a great alternative to traditional methods that were used previously to determine dental health. Some of the major benefits of choosing digital dental X-rays at our office include:

Instant Viewing

As opposed to traditional X-ray film, our digital X-rays do not have a waiting period for development. This means that these X-rays can be viewed immediately to ensure fast and accurate dental care.

Enhanced Diagnostics

Digital dental X-rays provide clear pictures and more information that allows our dental team to diagnose any issues present in the oral cavity. It also allows us to create a customized treatment plan specific to your mouth and your oral needs.

Radiation Reduction

Studies show that digital dental X-rays have a reduction in radiation levels by up to 70% compared to traditional X-rays. This reduction in radiation increases the safety of the equipment and the patients, reducing potential side effects and long-term risks associated with exposure to X-rays.

Stored Electronically

Our digital images are stored electronically, making them easily accessible, secure, and saved indefinitely.

Crisp & Clear Images

Digital dental X-rays produce high-resolution images that are accurate and contain more information than traditional X-ray equipment does. The use of digital sensors allows our dental team to capture not only images of your teeth but also images of your gums and other oral structures to ensure the best diagnostics possible.

Easily Accessible

Digital dental X-ray files are easily accessed and shared electronically for patient use or insurance purposes. They can also quickly be printed for you to keep with your personal records.


The use of digital dental X-rays is a great way to detect issues early on, allowing patients to avoid more costly, invasive treatments. Early detection of dental issues saves you time and money in the future.

Enlargement Options

Digital files of X-rays can be enlarged easily, allowing our dental team to see small details that otherwise would not be possible. Traditional X-ray technology only allows for the image to be viewed at its actual size, therefore making it impossible for professionals to zoom in on details.

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