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What Is Mouth Bacteria?

Dr. Susan Estep offers treatment for Mouth Bacteria at Intown Smile Studio in Atlanta. Our mouths carry over 700 species of bacteria. These bacteria are made up of billions of little microbes, and they move through our saliva into our stomachs and through our blood stream into our bodies. A lot of these microbes are made up of good bacteria that perform a host of protective activities and help keep the bad bacteria in check.

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Harmful Bacteria

Unknowingly, we can develop harmful bacteria that live in the mouth, move into our stomachs, and move throughout the bloodstream contributing to inflammation and disease. These pathogens that enter the bloodstream by crossing through the epithelial and endothelial linings throughout the body. You can have this and not show any symptoms.

What can the harmful bacteria cause?

In the mouth, harmful microbes feed off sugar and can lead to such things as cavities, bad breath, plaque buildup and gum disease, and other complications. In the blood stream, bad bacteria travel from the mouth and find new homes throughout the body. Science and research have proven that these bacteria accumulate and become damaging.

Mouth Bacteria Treatment

Mouth Bacteria Test

We are proud to offer an affordable test that can identify if you have any of the 5 high risk bacteria in the mouth known to drive inflammation and influence disease in the mouth and the body. The HR5 High Risk Pathogen Test is a highly accurate saliva test that is done in office and is then lab analyzed. Results take 7-10 business days, and our team will report and help you understand the results.

Restore Healthy Mouth Bacteria

By identifying any of the 5 toxic bacteria in the mouth, Intown Smile Studio can personalize treatment options to reduce these pathogens. It is also important to continue to maintain regular dental checkups with your dentist and hygienist. This will help keep plaque buildup in check and reduce opportunities for bad bacteria to turn into cavities and gum disease. If you see blood when flossing, this should be considered a major concern and it’s definitely time to check in with the dentist. Maintain a good home regimen for brushing and flossing to help reduce the plaque and potential playground for bad bacteria.

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If you’ve never seen Dr. Estep and you’re due for a checkup and cleaning, we encourage you to start with scheduling a New Patient Checkup Exam & Cleaning with one of our experienced hygienists. Another option is to start with a Limited Evaluation appointment with Dr. Estep. You can schedule either appointment through our interactive calendar.

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