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Authentic, Experienced, and Different From the Rest

If I had to tell you my practice philosophy in a nutshell, I would tell you that I want to COMPLETELY change the way you look at going to the dentist, in a positive way. My team and I believe you should truly enjoy every dental visit. We want you to be a healthier you because of your dental visit. You can rest assured that you’re getting the best possible care and quality at every visit. We believe you should have the best dental experience of your life…every time you’re with us.

Dr. Estep

What Makes Us Different

My entire career I have wanted to be the very best dentist possible. I invest a lot of time and money in my continuing education — attending the top dentist courses and academies across the nation. My initial focus was cosmetic dentistry, and I learned everything under the sun to become the best cosmetic dentist. I continue to take these courses so that I can provide the very best in cosmetic dentistry for my patients. Between the courses, the studying, and over 15 years of experience, I have become an expert in the field of cosmetic dentistry.

Total Health Dentistry

I constantly study and take courses in general dentistry, and the emerging science and technology that allow me to deliver the very latest and best general dentistry. My passion for total health began about 11 years ago, when I attended a long weekend of courses on the oral-systemic link (the integral role your mouth plays in your total health). This course truly changed my life because I could make a positive difference in the total health of my patients. Inspired by the science, I became a founder of the American Academy for Oral Systemic Health, an organization of health care leaders who teach and educate practitioners and teams on the relationship between oral health and whole body health. This pursuit of total health led me to become a Bale-Doneen certified provider in heart-attack and stroke prevention. Total wellness dentistry courses continue at the forefront of my education schedule.

Today, I have the opportunity to have a positive impact on the health and wellness of my patients and community. Intown Smile Studio is the best place in Atlanta you can go for your smile and your health.

Who We Are Not

We are not interested in putting poisonous mercury in your mouth, no matter what your insurance tries to dictate. Nor are we interested in delivering substandard care to any of our patients. If your insurance plan insists that you receive substandard care, we will talk with you about better options for you. We will do our best to optimize your insurance benefit, so you can receive first-class care along with insurance benefits.

We won’t look past a deadly infection in your mouth just because you don’t want to know about it. However, we WILL work with you in every way to help you resolve the problems in your mouth. We believe if you have a problem that could hurt you physically or medically, it’s our responsibility to tell you about it. It’s up to you whether or not you seek treatment for it after that. If you ask us to take shortcuts or lower our standard of care for you, we won’t. We are a team made up of the best in our industry. We are one of the top dentist teams in the nation, and we plan to stay on top. We are not interested in treating you if you’re mean, act like a bully, or if your preferred method of communication is yelling and screaming. We won’t do these things to you, either. We WILL treat you with the utmost care and respect.

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Whether you’re a new or existing Intown patient, we’re happy to meet with you soon. We have easy to schedule appointment options for you through our interactive calendar. If you’re a new patient, schedule your New Patient Checkup Exam & Cleaning appointment online. If you’re a current patient, you can schedule your next checkup by choosing Checkup Exam & Cleaning appointment from our list of options.

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