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Combat Gum Disease With Periodontics in Atlanta, GA

Gum disease is often a silent assailant, progressing quietly and painlessly until it’s too late. Periodontics is a field of dentistry that we specialize in at our Midtown Atlanta, GA practice, focusing on preventing and treating gum disease. Intown Smile Studio strives to protect not just your smile, but also the joy, confidence, and quality of life that come with optimal gum health. With our careful eye, we can assess and diagnose any gum-related problems early and provide painless treatment to avoid future complications.

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Revitalize Your Smile Through Comprehensive Therapies

Whether you need treatment for early-stage gingivitis or advanced periodontitis, we have solutions for you. Our staff offers deep cleaning and scaling to remove plaque, root planing to prevent further build-up of bacteria, and periodontal maintenance to keep an eye on gum bleeding or swelling. However, most of our patients choose our alternative, much less invasive treatment. By placing trays over your teeth and gums to force oxygen deep into your gums, we can kill bacteria and help your mouth heal quickly without any painful surgery or procedures.

Benefits of This Procedure & Other Periodontal Treatments

Improve Oral Health

By removing plaque build-up and treating gum inflammation, our procedures halt the progression of gum disease.

Prevention of Tooth Loss

Addressing gum diseases early through periodontal therapies can help prevent complications like tooth loss.

Control of Bad Breath

Gum diseases are a common cause of persistent bad breath. Periodontal therapy can help eliminate this problem, giving you fresher breath and increased confidence.

Aesthetic Improvement

Improve the appearance of your smile by treating swollen and bleeding gums as well as receding gum lines.

Reduced Health Risks

Gum diseases often go hand-in-hand with other health conditions like stroke, diabetes, and heart disease. We can help reduce these risks and take preventative health measures.

Cost-Effective Treatments

By investing in periodontal therapy early, you can prevent more complex and costly dental procedures later.

Prevent Future Dental Complications With Periodontic Services

The gums are the foundation for your teeth. They make sure your teeth have a healthy place to sit, aren’t loose, and can maintain their strength and utility. Through our periodontic strategies, we ensure that the foundation is long-lasting and stable. Providing pain-free options with extensive repair and maintenance methods, your gums are in trusted and meticulous hands with us. We service all ages with any gum problems, big or small. Reach out today with any questions or concerns about your gum health.

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