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Sedation Dentistry in Atlanta, GA

There are many, many people who do not want to see or hear anything during their dental treatment. We understand this. This is why it is important to us to provide sedation dentistry as an option for our patients. Sedation can make the entire dental experience much more comfortable for you.

Dr. Trent Collett is trained and certified at providing Oral and IV sedation dentistry. Prior to your sedation appointment, Dr. Collett will meet with you to review the treatment to be completed and help you prepare for the day of treatment. You will arrive and leave in the hands of your caregiver. You will be able to relax knowing you are in capable hands and receive the dental treatment you’ve planned for. Afterward, you leave with your treatment completed and little to no sense of the procedure, or the amount of time in the chair. In fact, you will think you slept through the whole visit. When your treatment is completed, Dr. Collett will review with you and your caregiver home instructions and next steps.

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Put Your Fears to Rest

If you have dental needs that you’ve been putting off from fear, then we encourage you to schedule an appointment with Dr. Collett. Dr. Collett can help put your mind at ease regarding the sedation process.

When you’re ready to get started, we invite you to schedule a Limited Exam (No Cleaning) and Single Xray to evaluate and discuss treatment for a single area concern with Dr. Collett. If you have multiple teeth where you have concerns, then we invite you to schedule a Full Mouth Evaluation (No Cleaning) and Xrays with Dr. Estep. In this exam, her focus will be to look at the overall health of your mouth and she will do a tooth by tooth exam. After the end of the exam, you will leave knowing where your dental health stands, know what treatment is needed, what your investment will be for the treatment, and which sedation option would be best for you.

Schedule Your Evaluation Today!

Whether you’re a new or existing Intown patient, we’d be happy to meet with you soon to discuss your need for extractions. To get started, schedule a Limited Exam and Single X-ray appointment with Dr. Trent Collett now through our interactive calendar. If you have several areas that need to be evaluated, you have the option to schedule a Full Mouth Evaluation & X-rays appointment with Dr. Susan Estep through our interactive calendar.

Request an Appointment

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