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Invisalign in Atlanta, GA

Intown Smile Studio prescribes Invisalign as a treatment for straightening teeth right here in Midtown, Atlanta. Invisalign uses clear trays (aligners) instead of metal brackets to move teeth. This type of treatment provides a solution for teeth that are crooked, crowded, overlapping and many more situations. The clear trays work like braces to move teeth to a healthier and more ideal position. Clear aligners are hugely popular treatment for improving smiles. They are used to treat minor ortho to severe crowding and bite problems. We have experience using Invisalign to improve smiles for well over a decade and with a a wide array of cases. We understand when to prescribe Invisalign as an ideal treatment to meet your smile goals.

person removing invisaligner

Are Clear Aligners Right for You?

We invite you to schedule a complimentary ortho consultation with us to learn more clear aligner treatment and how you can get the smile you deserve. Whether you’re a tween or an adult, clear aligner treatment is great for straightening teeth and easy to use.

Want to see more? View some of our before and after photos of Ortho patients in our Smile Makeover section.

And, we’ve made it very easy to schedule. Visit our appointment schedule to view appointments and schedule your complimentary consultation.

Schedule Your Ortho Consultation Now

You deserve to have the smile you’ve always wanted. Schedule your Smile or Orthodontic Consultation now through our interactive calendar to discuss Invisalign treatment options.

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