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Skin Tightening in Atlanta, GA

Viora Reaction is a medical cutting-edge CoreTM technology that applies an advanced combination of radiofrequency (RF) to heat the skin and vacuum therapy to increase local blood circulation. It offers some of the most effective non-invasive facial treatments on the market. This RF device remodels your skin’s collagen which results in tighter skin, improved skin texture, contoured and more defined jaw lines and overall more youthful skin. Because it has the ability to target different depths in the skin, Viora’s RF treatments for tightening and wrinkle reduction can address every facial part including sensitive areas.

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Completely Non-Invasive With No Anesthesia Needed

There is no downtime at all. Treatment sessions range between 20 and 40 minutes, depending upon the specific application. Although each patient is different, results for Viora RF are typically visible after the first session.

No one size fits all needs. Areas treated could include a combination of concerns and thus need a combination of treatments for ideal treatment. Your provider will consult with you to determine the best course of treatment suitable for your needs. Once the prescribed Viora sessions are completed, you will have a maintenance treatment about every 4 months.

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