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Reversing Cavities in Atlanta, GA

Every week, research is giving more insight for dentists and patients to really understand their dental health, why certain dental experiences are (re)occurring, and how we can be proactive to possibly eliminate or reduce those occurrences. One such method is to screen and assess your risk for getting cavities. While the answer seems apparent, sometimes it’s not so obvious. Many of us who brush and floss still end up with cavities and that’s because cavities are the result of bacterial infection in the mouth which you can’t see. There are everyday life and environmental factors that can contribute to the bad bacteria. We can perform an assessment to determine the particular bacteria and recommend products and treatment to manage, prevent and, in some cases, even reverse future cavities. Dr. Estep and her team can help our patients understand and identify risk factors at their checkup and cleaning appointments.

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Whether you’re a new or existing Intown patient, we’re happy to meet with you soon. We have easy-to-schedule appointment options for you through our interactive calendar. If you’re a new patient, schedule your New Patient Checkup Exam & Cleaning appointment online. If you’re a current patient, you can schedule your next checkup by choosing Checkup Exam & Cleaning appointment from our list of options. Either way, your Intown Smile Studio Hygienist will educate you on the process and help you understand your risk.

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