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Infant Oral Exam in Atlanta, GA

At Intown Smile Studio, we want to offer wellness benefits to babies, kids and adults alike. Dr. Estep recommends an infant oral exam around the age of six months or when your baby’s first tooth erupts. This exam gives parents an opportunity to spend time with Dr. Estep and her team, as well as learn about several infant wellness topics. These topics are not mainstream knowledge, and Dr. Estep and her team keep themselves up to date with current research in infant and child wellness science.

During an infant oral exam, parents should expect to learn about nursing and bottle types that can properly develop infant airway. In addition, parents will learn about certain bottle types and pacifiers that can damage the airway and cause serious future health conditions. Dr. Estep will also evaluate your baby’s airway and oral development.

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What to Expect

This fun visit is as valuable (if not more) to parents as it is to their newest family member. Together, you learn simple techniques to improve your baby’s overall health and life. At Intown Smile Studio, we offer simple conveniences for you and your family, but we believe it is our high-level, customized care for your child’s health and well-being that sets us apart from the rest. At your infant’s oral exam, Dr. Estep’s evaluation and education will include:

  • Infant airway evaluation
  • Nursing and bottle nipples for proper airway development
  • Pacifier use and finger habits
  • Beverage choices based on sugar and acidity
  • Teething and safe teethers
  • Tooth and jaw development
  • Nasal congestion, asthma, and allergies
  • Best oral hygiene practices
  • Infant nutrition

If you have questions, you can request an appointment and one of our team members will call you to answer any questions you have.

Schedule an Infant Oral Exam Now

Your child deserves to have a strong, healthy mouth. Schedule your Infant Oral Exam with one of our hygienists now through our interactive calendar. At this appointment, Dr. Estep and your hygienist will do an evaluation and discuss your child’s oral development and health.

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