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What Is Ozone Therapy?

Dr. Susan Estep offers Ozone Therapy in Atlanta, Georgia. Ozone Therapy is a powerful and safe therapeutic that promotes healing and has been used for over 150 years. Ozone is an anti-infective and it kills bacterial, viral, and fungal infections. Ozone also reduces inflammation, improves cellular repair, increases antioxidant properties. All of this makes ozone a strong player in aesthetics medicine, as it helps rejuvenate aging cells.

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What Are the Benefits of Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy is a powerful holistic dentistry tool. In our practice, we use ozone gas in different therapies and concentrations to:

  • Treat Infection
  • Speed Up Healing
  • Regenerate Tissue
  • Decrease Inflammation
  • Decrease Pain

Ozone therapy enhances many different dental treatments. Most oral and dental problems (are caused by infections and ozone offers a powerful anti-infection.

Is Ozone Therapy Safe?

Dental ozone therapies are incredibly safe when used correctly. While ozone can be an irritant to the respiratory system and to the eyes, our providers are trained to protect our patients while using ozone. As with many technologies, advanced training is a necessity to deliver safe and effective treatment. On contact, ozone destroys infection without harming healthy human cells which makes it an ideal holistic therapy treatment.

Treatments That Utilize Ozone Therapy

Root Canals

In root canals, when we add ozone fumigation treatment, it disinfects the microscopic tubules and canals inside the roots of teeth. This allows for faster healing times and helps to prevent re-infection of root canals caused by dormant bacteria being left in the root.

General Dentistry

When we add ozone to restorative dentistry procedures (fillings, onlays, crowns) it kills cavity bacteria and provides healing support to the nerves of teeth helping to reduce the risk of a future root canal. We even use ozone to desensitize teeth.

Extractions & Implants

In extractions and implant dentistry, we can deliver ozone treatments into the jaw to improve the vascularity, bone quality, and healing after surgical procedures.

Periodontal Treatment

In periodontal (gum) procedures, when we add ozone to the gum pockets, it kills periodontal pathogens giving the body a chance to heal itself.

Mouth Ulcers & Cold Sores

In mouth lesions (like cold sores) that often take over a week to heal, ozone injections kill the bacterial and viral infections causing the lesions to heal rapidly. Ozone’s strong therapeutic capabilities often allow it to be a substitute for systemic antibiotics in dental treatment. When combined with dental treatment, ozone can significantly improve healing and outcomes. If you’re looking for alternative and holistic options to traditional dental treatment, consider adding our ozone therapies for a healthier outcome.

Ozone Water in Dental Water Lines

Ozone is and effective sanitation method for disinfecting dental water lies and removing biofilm. We run only highly oxygenated ozone water through all of our dental lines, ensuring they are always disinfected.

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