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Fun Cleanings & Checkups in Atlanta, GA

At Intown Smile Studio, we believe we can have an early and very positive impact on children’s wellness in our community.

child brushing teeth

We Start by Teaching Great Brushing & Flossing Habits

We find that this helps alleviate some of the “brushing battles” that sometimes happen at home. We then spend time teaching your children a little something about total wellness. We do this in the form of a science experiment and e conclude each visit with a polishing and check-up exam with Dr. Estep. We value this time with your children, and they tell us that their visits with us are always fun. We devote an hour to your child at each children’s dentistry check-up and cleaning.

We understand working around your schedule can be a little hectic, and we want to reduce that stress and make scheduling your child’s dental checkup and cleaning as easy as possible. You can schedule now using our interactive calendar, where you’ll see what’s available and find a time that’ll work best for you and your child’s schedule. If you have questions, you can request an appointment and one of our team members will call you to answer any questions you have.

Schedule a Fun Cleaning & Checkup Now

Your child deserves to have a strong, healthy mouth. Schedule your Children’s Cleaning & Checkup appointment now through our interactive calendar. Simply select one of the options below to get started!

Request an Appointment

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