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No-Drill Solutions in Atlanta, GA

One of the dental advances Dr. Estep is most thrilled about is the science that now allows us to reverse small cavities instead of drilling your teeth and placing fillings. In some cases, you can actually REGROW your damaged enamel and prevent the need for drilling and filling of your teeth. Using a system of minimally-invasive diagnostic technology along with customized treatment rinses, toothpastes, and sometimes special chewing gum, Dr. Estep can customize a treatment therapy to regrow your enamel, heal your damaged tooth from within, and prevent your need for drilling and filling.

Dr. Estep frequently treats small cavities this way instead of drilling and filling teeth. Early detection of cavities is the key to this treatment and regular dental checkups are integral to early detection. Dr. Estep practices progressive and preventive dentistry so that you can receive these (and more) benefits.

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