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Botox in Atlanta, GA

Botox® Cosmetic, Dysport® and Xeomin® are botulinum toxin products that work by reducing the activity of the muscles of facial expression. These muscles allow us to smile, raise our eyebrows, frown, pout, squint and wink. The skin over the muscles sometimes bunches up or wrinkles during these expressions. The more of these expressions we make over a lifetime, the deeper these lines and wrinkles become. At some point, the lines stay prominent even when we are not making the expression.

These Products Act Like an Eraser for Lines & Wrinkles

Minimizing the muscle activity reduces the ability for the muscles to make the wrinkles, and the wrinkles smooth away. When you can erase the wrinkles, it’s like erasing years. Botox® is subtle and refreshes your appearance. The results can last approximately 3-4 months and will need to be repeated.

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Whether you’re a new or existing Intown patient, we’re happy to meet with you soon. Schedule your Consultation for Facial Esthetics now through our interactive calendar. When you combine your Botox treatment with your checkup and cleaning, you receive a 10% discount off your Botox treatment.

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