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Botox pricing varies across the board between providers and clinics. Most providers charge for Botox in one of 2 ways: by area or by units. Examples of areas are between the eyebrows (also known as “elevens” because of the wrinkles there that look like “11”), forehead wrinkles, eyes (crows feet), frown lines (wrinkles alongside the nose and turning down from the sides of the lips), and lip lines (lines forming off the entire borders of the lips – also referred to as “smoker lines”).

The costs per area usually range from $50 to $500. The number of units used for each area should vary from area to area and from person to person. The stronger the muscle that makes the lines/wrinkles, the more units needed to weaken the muscle and smooth the lines. The number of units needed per area usually varies between 10 and 30. Providers who charge per unit will charge a standard price per unit and will charge only for the number of units needed for your custom treatment. The cost range (per unit) nationally is $8-17 per unit. If you find a provider who charges $12 or less per unit, you’re getting a very good price.